what’s new for 2015 + january update

First off, HELLO + a happy belated 2015! CHEERS to a new year! Another year of setting + crushing goals.  I want to start off by thanking YOU, for supporting my artistic ventures so far. Whether you’ve bought artwork, visited shows, liked posts, shared my work with a friend, even merely reading this post | every bit of encouragement and exposure helps!

Secondly, if you’ve visited my site before you may be noticing some BIG changes! I am happy to introduce my newly refreshed + redesigned website! I hope this site is always a welcoming + engaging space.

Thirdly, I am so excited to announce my NEW Etsy Page | The Travelling Artisan. http://www.thetravellingartisan.etsy.com ! I look forward to updating it regularly and providing another opportunity for buyers to purchase + view work.

If you find yourself in my area (currently central Alberta) and want to avoid those pesky shipping costs, contact me directly to arrange a meet up or visit Timeworn Charm. Furthermore, look forward to upcoming markets you can find me at. I’ll keep you posted!

photo (2)


January is a bittersweet month.  It includes the excitement + promises of fresh starts, while being riddled with holiday season burn outs and mental lows.  Knowing this, I find it really important to sit down, brainstorm and clearly write out my goals + directions for the new year.

I took a break from making in the fall +  spent a lot of time travelling around Central America. I enjoyed some serious downtime, yoga, snorkeling and being an overall beach bum.  I am now home and overflowing with inspiration and it is definitely time to get back to business.  I really look forward to see what the new year brings.

Currently, I have been playing with watercolours and am developing a mini series of work.  I know you all want more Little Hoots so I will see what I can do. I am also prepping for a printmaking and watercolour workshop next month, so that is always a good time!

Weekends you can find me curled up on a couch in St Albert relaxing and squeezing in studio days.  Lately, I’m all about chasing sunsets, watching documentaries + burning incense (sorry not sorry Dad). Weekdays I’m at Timeworn Charm, so feel free to stop by and say Hello!




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