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Funny isn’t it, how easy it is to blind ourselves with worrying, over planning and fretting over what-might-happen. Meanwhile, life is casually happening in the background and manages to sort itself out.

After nearly a year of being away, I find myself once again in my hometown, and currently reflecting on this past year. It was a really good year, filled with a variety of colorful + dull experiences.

Eventually, I found myself working at an art store in Calgary.  Every art school graduate should work at an art supply store at some point in their life.  The knowledge consumed is invaluable.  It will teach you plenty of things you never learned in art school.

From an “art career” perspective, I did my best to stay active in my studio practice.  It is much harder than it would appear, especially while maintaining a full-time job.  Art demands a tremendous amount of work, commitment and dedication.  Now if I learned anything in Italy it was to simply let go of all expectations, sincerely relax, seize the moment and enjoy the wonders of creating.  We are literally flowing with incredibly capable potential.

After my degree studies I was high strung as hell, and I felt a immense amount of pressure to “succeed,” whatever that actually meant as an artist.  I was not sure if I fit the mold which school had shaped for me, and I found myself easily distracted by other’s successes.  Thankfully, Italy unraveled me, I was forced to let go and just BE.  The months following in Calgary I used art as therapy and a purely joyful pass time.  I embraced all that I was doing as an in-progress development. Development to what, I don’t know yet.  I felt more blind than ever, and yet I allowed myself to experiment and play, it was liberating.

Any artist will agree that art is a tool for self expression and exploration.  Art  enables artists to fully engage themselves in a unique way of thinking and approaching the world. Art is not only about creating physical objects, it is about shaping and broadening ideas.  However, being an artist is more than often, a struggle, and because of that it is easy to get discouraged.  A failed project, slow sales, a lack of space and time, are only a few reasons to ask yourself “why do I bother with this madness?”  It takes a significant amount of brain power, encouragement, time and money to constantly create. Finding flexibility, courage and  people who sincerely support you can make the greatest difference on your artistic journey.

I speak of a “studio” as if I have one, when in reality that is not the case.  Always on the move, I have never had a definite, comfortable space to create. Yet this has allowed me to adapt, and be creative in where, when, what and how I am able to create.  The goal is to simply create, regardless of the circumstances.

The past year my studio practice has been a blend of experimenting, commission work and summer art market preparation. As I fly off to Costa Rica next month, into the horizon of inevitable inspiration, I look forward to the continual marriage of my interests: art and travel.

Pursuing art couldn’t be more ambiguous, as an avid planner myself it can be very terrifying, but that is precisely why I love it.  It is not a clear path. It is not easily understood by all.  It is a  journey full of uncertainties and open possibilities. Which brings this post full circle, life always manages to sort itself out.  All we can do is BE present.


4 thoughts on “studio at glance

  1. Erin says:

    Danielle – this post spoke to me on such a personal level. Thank you for your authenticity. Keep on creating for you are such a talent!

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