marginalia: negotiating the margin of understanding

Marginalia: Negotiating the Margin of Understanding

You are invited to the reception: March 14th from 5 to 7 pm. Luke Lindoe Library
closing date: April 8th

Marginalia: Negotiating the Margin of Understanding is a collaboration between the Luke Lindoe Library and Mireille Perrons FINA 450A graduating students/emerging artists, class of 2013.

Through a collection of artworks, this exhibition examines the role and influence of the peripheral and/or the marginal as a generative force on art production and reception. The title Marginalia
alludes to the active negotiation of a text by its reader while simultaneously and playfully pointing to the context of the exhibition, the library. Marginalia is defined as extra notes, scribbles and comments made by readers in the margin
of a book. Marginalia can include corrections, transcriptions, annotations, interpretations, embellishments, and many other types of interventions.

Artworks/interventions by:

Holly Ardern, Danielle Baade, Nancy Caughey, Brenda Danbrook, Katriona Drijber, Kat Ewald, Danielle Folkerts, Dionna Gooding, Mags Hewett, Stephen Holman, Charissa Hong, Samantha Lyons, Kaitlyn McGill, Katie Mikalauskas, Kendra Murphy, Gabrielle Nadon, Andrew Penner, Lauren Plante, Jocelyn Reid, Avery Ruuska, Leah Spagrud, Stephanie Wilson with Mireille Perron and Chris Frey.

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