encore annual sale & celebration of creative expression

This past weekend was a whirlwind! After a few months of endless preparation, I finally participated in the Encore Annual Sale & Celebration of Creative Expression on April 17 + 18, at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. A big thanks to my parents for being a great help! As for the event, it was truly wonderful to get to represent myself and my artwork in my hometown. I met so many local supporters and was able to share my zest for the arts! This little city is full of talent and ambition. The artists, the organizers and the volunteers all worked together to create a truly great event. The venue was fantastic, the variety was great, and I must say the food was outstanding!  I even came home with a lovely new ceramics pitcher. Here is a glance of the weekend.

A big thank you to everyone who made this event possible & a big thank you to everyone who came out and supported me! (Because of you I can keep doing what I do!)

If you were unable to attend, and still want to check out my work you can find me this May 2&3 at The All Things Pretty Market at Festival Hall.  Saturday Evening Soiree & Market is 5:30pm-9pm – $10 ticket only event, fundraising for the Magdalene House. Sunday Market is 9:30am-3:30pm, FREE entry!




spring fever | studio update

Spring is finally here! I’m enjoying evening bike rides and warmer weather. It’s April and I’m in full production and preparation mode for upcoming art events.  I can feel spring in my artwork and it makes me so happy. For the first time in a long time I can feel myself going in a really positive direction with work I’m really excited to continue to develop and share.

Right now it’s all painting, packaging, tagging, ordering, pricing, applying, organizing, decorating, and planning. My to-do-lists are long and evolving. It’s everything you don’t see. It’s late nights, long hours and pure enthusiasm. Did I mention this is my jam?

So what else has been happening with me?  The beginning of the month I squeezed in all the time I could get up in St.Albert, spending time with Andy before he headed away to Ontario for a month and a half.  We soaked in those warm days. Despite the distance, he’s in his element on this work course and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I sent him away with a fully loaded care package. Funny enough the timing of his absence really worked out  – as it presently seems I live and breath art.

I am looking forward to next weekends first official event of the year – The Encore Art Sale at the Lacombe Memorial Centre, Lacombe, AB.  ApriI 17 & 18.

It’ll be your first chance to check out everything I’ve been working on.  Large scale acrylic mixed media paintings, prints, original watercolours and more. I’ll be there alongside a large assortment of local talent.


Plus, the All Things Pretty Market is coming up too! May 2 & 3. I’m currently giving away tickets on my Facebook Page, have a peek. You can expect extra goodies there. I’ve got some fantastic refinished ceiling tiles and vintage frames to compliment my artwork. If you are decorating your space you won’t want to miss this event.

This month I’ll be teaching a ceramics class, and prepping for next months watercolor classes! If you or your kids have ever wanted to try watercolors, here is your chance! For more details see “Workshops”.

One of my highlight this month was a feature on @thedreamjobshop Instagram. Andi just released her Business Planner, which I’m patiently waiting for in the mail. I am super excited about it! As life is starting to get busy and crazy I’m eager to sit down and evaluate where I am and where I’m going.

Life is working right now. Having a flexible job has really been the key to pursuing all these different projects. A projects there are. I’ve got more in store, just you wait!

Note: My ETSY shop will be on “Holiday Mode” for the next couple weeks, due to markets. Thanks! See @thetravellingartisan on Instagram for the latest updates.

upcoming art classes

Art Classes with Danielle Folkerts at To The Stars Occupational Therapy + Wellness Centre

May 12, Tuesday 7pm-9:30pm | Watercolour for Beginners – Adult $35

Want to get creative? Come join us for a relaxing evening of painting.  Adult classes offer theory and technique combined with plenty of hands on instruction and creative self exploration.  Supplies, snacks + drinks included.  Feel free to bring your own paint set.

May 27, Wednesday 7pm-9pm | Watercolour for Beginners – Grade 10-12 $30

It’s time to paint! Watercolour is a diverse and fun medium.  Learn a variety of techniques, walk through a painting, and enjoy time for creative exploration.  Supplies included.

May 29, Friday 11am-1:30pm | Watercolour for Beginners – Grade 4-6 $30

It’s time to paint! Watercolour is a diverse and fun medium.  Learn a variety of techniques, walk through a painting, and enjoy time for creative exploration.  Supplies included.

May 29, Friday 3pm-5:30pm | Watercolour for Beginners – Grade 7-9 $30

It’s time to paint! Watercolour is a diverse and fun medium.  Learn a variety of techniques, walk through a painting, and enjoy time for creative exploration.  Supplies included.

Register to Book your spot today!

To The Stars Occupational Therapy + Wellness Centre

#3 5623 Wolf Creek Drive, Lacombe AB

Admin Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-12:30

Call: 403-786-0006

Email: admin@tothestarsOT.com




 | Wake the Dreams into Realities

New Watercolour Collection by Danielle Folkerts

Showing at To The Stars Occupational Therapy + Wellness Centre

March 24 – April 15 2015

“Painting is my meditation.”

when it rains it pours

It would seem this is the way things seem to go. Nothing is happening, or it is all happening at once. I have been so busy with projects, commissions, events preparation and applications that I’m starting to take off work. This of course is great! In case you haven’t been following along (see @thetravellingartisan on Instagram for the latest) here is what I’ve been up to for the last few weeks! I’m multitasking like a mad woman, and I’ve got more work in progress and am excited in the direction I’m headed! The highlight of my week would definitely be that I finally finished a large scale commission!

I am busy gearing up for 2 exciting events and a couple smaller solo shows, so mark your calendars and I will keep you posted with more information!

photo 4 (38)


APRIL 17 & 18 2015

Join us for two fabulous days of art, music, fine wines, and crisp craft beers as we showcase the works of over 80 Alberta artisans and art students.   Every year we source new artisans to market their works, and this year is no exception!

Friday, the show opens at 1pm, with a special presentation by Marg Metcalf, our feature artist at 3pm.  At 5pm we host “Date Night”, a great evening out to enjoy fine wines, crisp beers, hot and cold appetizers and music.

Saturday, the doors re-open at 11am, with pottery demonstrations by Arne Handley at 1pm, and 4pm, and another special presentation by Marg Metcalf at 2pm.  At 3pm the bar opens, and you can sip a glass of wine or beer as you peruse the booths and gallery for one of a kind pieces for your home or wardrobe.



All Thing Pretty Market Spring Edition.  May 2 + 3. Festival Hall. Red Deer.

the low down

LCS Art Workshops |

February has been a hectic fun month! Lots of prep work, leading up to a great week at LCS teaching printmaking with grade 7s+8 and a new watercolour workshop with grade 6! I am beyond happy to be able to share my love of art with others and it is always a great time to return to my old stomping grounds. The grades K-9 have worked hard this month and will be showcasing their final art projects from February Art Month this Thursday, I invite you to stop by during the Open House!

Art Month Opening” Feb 26, Thursday 4-7pm at Lacombe Christian School, Lacombe, AB

UPDATE: Art’s Night at LCS was a wonderful success. Hundreds of people came out. It was so incredible to see such a great community supporting kids and their creativity! All art forms were celebrated with enthusiasm including: painting, ceramics, poetry, print media, drawing, dance, and more.

Printmaking + Watercolour displays.

Etsy Shop | a quick NOTE! I’ve got new work up in the Etsy Shop!  Follow along for updates.


Upcoming Event | All Things Pretty Market

I am so excited to announce that I will be a vendor at the All Things Pretty Market: Spring Edition. The Event is May 2 + 3, 2015, at Festival Hall 4214 58 Street, Red Deer, AB (side of the Memorial Center). I will have NEW watercolor + mixed media paintings, handmade prints, cards, and a great selection of vintage refinished frames.

May 2 –  5:30pm- 9:00pm – Ticket Event – raising money for the Magdalene House Society.

May 3 –  9:30am-3:30pm – Market – free admission



Upcoming Event | Solo Show at Copper Lane Hair Studio

TBA June 2015 – I am so excited to be showing at Copper Lane Hair Studio in Lacombe. The newly renovated space is incredible. High ceilings, white exposed brick… oh yes I will have some fun covering these walls. The studio hosts local and upcoming artists every 3-4 months, so make sure to stop by often!



my brain has too many tabs open | studio update

January has been a real example of how hard work pays off.  My bedroom has evolved into a studio.. with a bed in it. I’m not sure if that is perfect or not.  I have been endlessly painting, photographing, editing, writing, and working on my website + Etsy page.  The response from you all has given me incredible motivation and inspiration to keep going.  So again, thank you so much, it is so exciting to have you along for the journey!

It’s safe to say that my brain has too many tabs open.  I’ve got a lot on the go, and I fully appreciate one of the essential skills I developed during my BFA: multitasking like a boss.

This weephoto 1 (26)k I celebrated my first Etsy sale! I also added brand new work to the shop – you can check it all out at http://www.thetravellingartisan.etsy.com

I’ve made new Little Hoots; and after rummaging through my art hoard… I mean storage room, I found + finally made use of my hand dyed silk. Onion skins, chokecherry leaves, pine cones, potentilla, yup. Natural dyes are stunning and loaded with handmade goodness. Soft pastels and earth tones are my favourite right now.

My watercolors series has gotten an incredible feedback, I have enjoyed exploring the medium,  + look forward to taking it further. You can expect more work and writing to come about these dreamy landscapes.

On a larger scale, I am working on a massive commission painting.  Inspired by travel and texture.  Hoping to wrap it up in the next month and can’t wait to show you!

And lastly, for the locals, I’ve got an awesome print sale happening at Timeworn Charm right now! Handmade silkscreen original prints for $5-$30.

Help your community grow + flourish

Remember to shop + eat local this week!


what’s new for 2015 + january update

First off, HELLO + a happy belated 2015! CHEERS to a new year! Another year of setting + crushing goals.  I want to start off by thanking YOU, for supporting my artistic ventures so far. Whether you’ve bought artwork, visited shows, liked posts, shared my work with a friend, even merely reading this post | every bit of encouragement and exposure helps!

Secondly, if you’ve visited my site before you may be noticing some BIG changes! I am happy to introduce my newly refreshed + redesigned website! I hope this site is always a welcoming + engaging space.

Thirdly, I am so excited to announce my NEW Etsy Page | The Travelling Artisan. http://www.thetravellingartisan.etsy.com ! I look forward to updating it regularly and providing another opportunity for buyers to purchase + view work.

If you find yourself in my area (currently central Alberta) and want to avoid those pesky shipping costs, contact me directly to arrange a meet up or visit Timeworn Charm. Furthermore, look forward to upcoming markets you can find me at. I’ll keep you posted!

photo (2)


January is a bittersweet month.  It includes the excitement + promises of fresh starts, while being riddled with holiday season burn outs and mental lows.  Knowing this, I find it really important to sit down, brainstorm and clearly write out my goals + directions for the new year.

I took a break from making in the fall +  spent a lot of time travelling around Central America. I enjoyed some serious downtime, yoga, snorkeling and being an overall beach bum.  I am now home and overflowing with inspiration and it is definitely time to get back to business.  I really look forward to see what the new year brings.

Currently, I have been playing with watercolours and am developing a mini series of work.  I know you all want more Little Hoots so I will see what I can do. I am also prepping for a printmaking and watercolour workshop next month, so that is always a good time!

Weekends you can find me curled up on a couch in St Albert relaxing and squeezing in studio days.  Lately, I’m all about chasing sunsets, watching documentaries + burning incense (sorry not sorry Dad). Weekdays I’m at Timeworn Charm, so feel free to stop by and say Hello!



december update

Happy December!

You know its cold when your eye balls hurts.  Recently I have been busy working, photographing, painting and packing for a quick getaway before Christmas. But I wanted to share a few artworks with you all! I think each one would make a totally unique and original gift.

+ A big THANK YOU to everyone who has shown their support in the past year!

All work available at Timeworn Charm.

Check https://www.facebook.com/dkfolkertsstudio for more details, or to contact.

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4) photo 3 photo 2 (3) photo 4 (1) photo 5 (1) photo 3 (1)1660679_834960109888896_6781912083062918696_n

Take care,


6 reasons to participate in a local art + craft market

|6 reasons to participate in a local art+craft market |

Maybe you are a recent art graduate, or crafty stay at home mom. Perhaps you have been painting for 40 years, or maybe you just enjoy making art in your free time.  No matter your path in life, if you are passionate about your craft and have never participated in an art + craft market, I recommend considering it.

Involving yourself in a local market can open you up to new opportunities and ideas.

To clarify, there are a several “types” of local art markets.  Do yourself a favor and spend some time researching different markets available in your area.  Craft fairs, community art shows, farmers market, and art walks are all options to check out. Hop on Google and start your search.

(Most fairs and markets involve an application process. In this case, you will have to apply and wait to be accepted or declined. However, plenty of local markets are hosted at local community centers or local businesses, and will take first-come-first-serve artists. You just need to be on top of what is going on.  Ensure to look at market dates, application requirements, booth fees and set up/take down times.)


My Bentley Art Show + Sale booth.

So here are | 6 Reasons to participate in a local art+craft market.  

1. Establishes a goal.

Artists sometimes need a little nudge.  Nothing will motivate you more than a deadline!  Once you have been accepted, you will begin working on a timeline, so get to work!  I personally work much better with a goal in mind. It keeps me focused.  Markets are the perfect opportunity to create a small body of work, and get excited about creating NEW goodies.

2. Opportunity to evaluate your art practice in terms of a brand + business.

Thanks to participating in markets, I have been encouraged to consider things from a business point of view.  What is my product? Who is my audience? Is my work cohesive? How can I reach a broader audience? What is my budget? Is my work priced properly? What is my brand?

You are an artist. You are creating a product. How can you effectively display and sell it?  Markets are a great starting point to help you analyze your art practice, and get organized.

3. Allows you to see how your products work together.

Maybe you are a painter, photographer or jeweler, or all three.  No matter what your artistic preferences are, it is import to consider how each medium works together. Does your work inform each other?  Or is it a chaotic and eclectic mix? There are no wrong answers.  The point is, a market is the perfect chance to arrange + asses how your products work together. How do you think it looks from a buyers point of view?

The true challenge is to create a coherent and inviting booth, which highlights and compliments your product. Spend time on this, and be thoughtful. You want to engage and captivate your audience.  You want them to notice you. You want them to remember you.

4. You can directly interact with your customers.

In my opinion, the best sales, are the sales when I, the maker, am present.  It is a rewarding and exciting moment.  It is great to sincerely and personally thank buyers for their support. Markets are an incredible opportunity for artists and makers to directly interact and engage with their audience.

Present yourself, your work and your great attitude! Seriously, smile.  It is your time to shine as a local artist in your community.  Talk with customers and curious lookers. Don’t be afraid to show them what you are excited about and what is new.

In the meantime, pay attention to what people are drawn to, what is selling well, what isn’t.  It is important to collect feedback for your own records.

5. Self promotion

No one can promote YOU better than yourself.  From a buyers standpoint, there is no one they would rather see than the artist themselves. Be authentic. Believe in your product and be proud of your work.

Markets and fairs are the perfect backdrop for a shameless amount of self-promotion.  As stated previously, consciously design your booth, and flatter it with promotion material. Coherent business cards and a clear business sign are a must.  Feel free to add things like promotional posters and even offer a giveaway!

6. Networking

There is always something to take home from participating in a market, and it isn’t always money.  Be prepared to have busy days, and slow days, but one thing you can always take home is contacts!

Networking is an essential part of art + craft markets. Be present and involved in the small community you are part of. I recommend having an email list at your booth to build your audience. This can often lead to later commissions if you consider sending out a newsletter.

However, you won’t only be networking with potential clients and buyers, oh no, make sure you are talking to all your market neighbors.  If you have time, walk around and scope everything out. It is always great to meet other artisans, who can encourage and inspire you.  Sometimes real friendships can form.

Furthermore, when the customers are lacking, be prepared for some potential trading. I have happily traded at nearly every market – scarves, prints, paintings, you name it. It is always fun to support another local artisan and take home some handmade goodies.

At the very least, make friends so that you can run for a pee break!


Calgary Art Walk

But what if I don’t get accepted into the market I wanted?

Fear not! You will be rejected.  You may even apply over and over again.  Keep applying, and make sure you open yourself to a variety of markets and venues.

If things persist to not go well for you, then it is time to reevaluate you application and your product.

Are you possibly too similar to everyone else?  Are you too different? Do you have a large enough selection? Is the quality at a reasonable standard? Are your prices fair? Did you apply properly?

What can you improve?

Rejection is an opportunity for constructive criticism and self reflection.  Build on your experiences and choose to grow from them. Be positive. It is all about finding your audience.


Spring Fling Art + Craft Show in Calgary

Good luck! 

august art preview

|| august art preview

This entire summer I have been endlessly working, playing outdoors, art making and trip organizing.

Preparing for two art shows this August, has kept me motivated to create throughout the summer months.

In general, August 9th, is a fantastic day to visit Bentley. Besides the Bentley Art Show, you can discover the Bentley Rodeo, Vintage Care Show, Bentley Farmers Market, Parade, and you can’t forget about the Pancake Breakfast!

Here are a few mixed media artworks that I will have in Bentley, this Saturday. You can find me at the Bentley Community Hall, 10am-5pm.

The work is bright, colorful and full of pattern and texture.  I wanted to incorporate fragments of vintage and bohemian inspirations.  These pieces have a playful energy and I hope they fill their new homes with life.

Alongside mixed media paintings, I will have handmade cards, iPhone cases, prints, vintage frames and more.

Furthermore, this Thursday, August 7, I will be in St Albert for Artwalk St Albert.  I will be showing my “Timely Textures” series and a few of my favorite paintings at Elevate Activewear.  Stop by for a glass of wine from 6pm-9pm and say hello. A number of artists will also be showcasing art around town, it is a great night to check things out!

Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone.

Make sure to get outside and soak up some of that precious sunshine!